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£5,608,085 has been offered and donated to SFN member schools

Current challenges and funding requests

This year we turn our attention to the PAVILION, which benefits many sports at the Chase. We plan to use the money we raise this year to totally refurbish and renovate this facility.

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We need to replace computers for staff and children usage.

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Enhance our outside spaces with the intention of providing increased community use.

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Hermitage is fundraising to build a new school library, having had to put a new classroom into our old , much loved library space.

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100 classic children’s books, from 100 different authors from all over the world, for children to read and enjoy while at Rosendale

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We welcome a new, online fundraising platform being developed by the Schools Funding Network, to provide schools with the latest fundraising techniques and provide access to many more potential donors.

The Mayor's Education
Inquiry Final Report

Funding summary

  • £1,074,250 has been offered to schools as Skills
  • £865,000 has been offered to schools as Money
  • £3,181,757 has been offered to schools as Items
  • £13,200 has been challenged to schools as Money
  • £368,450 has been challenged to schools as Items
  • £105,428 has been given to schools directly

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