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We believe anyone can create music. Gigajam is designed to give everyone the opportunity to be able to play. We share your passion for music and want to help you harness the power of music in your life.

Gigajam provides interactive musical instrument tuition to schools in guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.

The lessons are delivered through Gigajam's Online Music School so that students can learn in class and from home - anytime, anywhere. The lessons not only teach students how to play an instrument, but are written so that they can form bands and play together. The step by step lessons come with narrated text, diagrams and how to videos, as well as a mix of play along exercises that can be recorded and automatically marked providing continual, formative and summative feedback.

Students have their own portfolios showing their progress and teachers have their own area to provide additional feedback and support. Completion certificates are automatically generated. Resources include graded band songs in a variety of rich media formats including MIDI and audio with minus one tracks as well as a suite of interactive software tools.

As well as Gigajam's Arts Award Programme of Study they are partnering with University of West London in the production of graded examinations which will include debut grade through the grade 5, together with a Level 2 award in School's Music Performance.

Active Challenges and Offers

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Completed Challenges and Offers

You can download our brand new iBook for free. This is the first iBook in the series with the remaining books for the grades 1-3 and for guitar, bass and drums being scheduled for late in 2013.

Gigajam Unlimited User Licence for just £250 per annum. Schools can upon average a saving of around £750 per annum with our offer through SFN. A licence to Gigajam provides you with Unlimited access to all our lessons and software for all pupils and teachers, from school and from home. You receive all the functionality and features of Gigajam’s award winning Online Music School for guitar, bass, keyboard and drums.

Schools can freely access the first lessons of the Essential Skills Courses for guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. There are 8 full highly interactive, media rich lessons and you can also download and install the latest Gigajam Software Suite if you wish to use our award winning play along, record and analyse software.

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