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What on Earth Publishing provides resources, training and curriculum enrichment workshops for schools and educators that wish to provide a more interconnected, holistic approach to learning. We produce and publish a series of highly engaging, innovative cross-curricular timelines called Wallbooks, each featuring more than 1,000 hand drawn images and captions, that bind knowledge into visual narratives through which learners can explore knowledge using their natural curiosity. The A3 size timelines can be read like books or unfolded into 2.3m long wallcharts.

The reverse side features easy-to-read newspaper-style chronological narratives. Four Wallbook are currently available covering History, Nature, Sport and Science, with a fifth featuring the complete works of Shakespeare to be published in March 2014. Our publishing partners include The Natural History Museum, The Science Museum, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

What on Earth Publishing also provides a series of curriculum enrichment workshops for students of all ages groups and INSET training programmes for teachers who wish to explore effective methods and techniques for connecting the curriculum together.

The What on Earth Foundation is a charitable organisation established by Christopher Lloyd, founder of What on Earth Publishing, which provides grants to schools to assist in the development of curriculum integration workshops and resources. email for more details.


What on Earth? 

Connecting together the dots of the past…


An introduction to the ethos of What on Earth Publishing by Christopher Lloyd

CURIOSITY is our most precious natural instinct. It is how we learn all the most important life skills from talking to tickling from cradle to grave.

But today knowledge is usually chopped up into separate subjects – into a timetable, a syllabus or curriculum – usually by adults who are addicted to measuring and recording a student’s progress through constant tests and examinations.

All too often, the unforeseen consequences of this modern industrialization of education is to kill off natural curiosity. How can children possibly follow their interests when they are constantly being told what it is they need know? Much better is to challenge them to find out for themselves and become an expert wherever their curiosity leads them… then they can become what nature truly intended – their own self-learning system!

How can children possibly follow their interests when they are constantly being told what it is they need know?

That’s why I wanted to find a way of presenting a big picture to people – young and old alike – so their minds can roam freely and stand back in awe at the most extraordinary story of all – far more incredible than any fantasy or fiction – the story of the Universe and our home, the planet Earth, over 13.7 billion years!

Imagine a book that will be your guide – in pictures and words – where you don’t have to start at the beginning and read to the end following the arbitrary path of an unknown author! No, you can start in the middle or wherever your interests lie and read left, right, up or down – without ever getting lost because of the timeline beneath! This is more what nature intended, because you may go wherever your curiosity leads!

And how about unfolding the book? No need to stuff it on a shelf like other books because you can hang it on a wall or spread it out on a table or a floor so several people can explore it and learn together, spotting things as they go, commenting, discussing, talking, debating…

For me the joy of telling big stories is like the Wallbook itself, it has no beginning and no end. It is just a constant fascination with connecting together the dots of the past, giving them meaning and making them memorable through visualization, context, cause and effect.

If just a little piece of the thrill I get in compiling these puzzles of time into a coherent narrative on a timeline rubs off onto you – be you a parent, a teacher, a child, or – perhaps best of all – just a curious individual – then I will be truly delighted. Do let me know – I would love to hear from you!

Warmest regards

Christopher Lloyd, 2013


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The What On Earth Charitable Foundation is able to offer an easy to access grant to State funded schools to cover the cost of workshops, talks, resources and INSET

We will give you a free giant wallchart / book. It shows a unique timeline that covers the entire curriculum from the Big Bang to the present day. It can be read like a book or unfolded into a giant 2.3m long wallchart.

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