Become a Major Donor

Major donors (those offering money, items or services worth at least £2,000 in total) can create their own profile, set Offers and Challenges, and connect with schools. There are no charges - all your marketing and charitable support goes directly to the schools you wish to support.

As a major donor, you can choose to set a ‘Challenge’ to one or more schools - the donation will only be triggered if your nominated school(s) meet the Challenge. This actually helps schools because it enables them to unlock additional funds from other stakeholders, such as parents and local businesses. All challenges are agreed by individual schools before appearing on the site.

Like a school, each Major Donor can maintain a profile on the portal, allowing public visibility of their current and previous challenges, and other activities.

There are numerous advantages for major donors in using the fundraising platform, including:

  • Leverage support from any other sector of society - The Institute of Fundraising recently announced that leveraging support from someone else is the biggest factor in whether someone will give to a cause.  The SFN portal is the only fundraising platform with this facility.
  • Donate products, services and volunteer time – You can incentivise behaviours and activities that you believe in, and you can also make your donation contingent on feedback (thereby gaining important market research). 
  • Target individual schools or the whole schools system – donations and challenges can be set by location, by specialism, by size, or a variety of other factors. 
  • Gain clear data on your campaigns - the reports function shows details such as take up of your support and school contact details. You can use the date function to manipulate data, which can then be exported to other programmes, such as MS Excel. 
  • Join and link up with other school stakeholders - the platform provides a route for donors to link with parents and local communities. 
  • Spend your budgets on schools, not marketing - we do not charge you to link with our members. Instead, we suggest you put those funds into the schools themselves so that everyone wins.


 "Having worked with numerous organisations interested in the education sector, I can clearly see numerous benefits Schools Funding Network brings to those wishing to support schools. It really is an excellent initiative."

Sunita Gordon, Group Head, Education - Guardian Group

Expression of interest


If you are interested in making an offer or challenge to one or more schools, please contact us at