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John Scurr Primary School

Type: State
Age groups: Primary
Number of pupils: 480
Head teacher: Bridget Fagan

John Scurr School honours the values of John and Julia Scurr who fought for equality and access to education for East End families 90 years ago. We offer an inclusive and enriched curriculum to develop all aspects of learning for children. We have a dedicated and skilled workforce who work hard with our governors and parents to promote good progress and attainment for all. We have high expectations of everyone in our school and value their contribution.

Alongside our educational aims is a commitment to counter the effects of social disadvantages and therefore, the welfare of our pupils is paramount. We help pupils to overcome any barriers to their learning so that they are ready for secondary school and the world of work.

We have strong partnerships with a cluster of local schools and work together on training future teachers and educational professionals who can be role models for pupils and families.

We hold platinum status for singing, through the SingUp organisation, we place great importance on giving children a voice, singing in public and because of this award we are involved in performances and music projects in London. We promote this to build childrens confidence. 

We use part of our budget to offer a rolling programme of different sports and clubs and we are working towards advanced healthy school status.

Together with our school improvement focus on raising standards in English and Maths, we would like to provide the children with better play facilities in KS1 and access to a library in the school to help engage children more in reading for pleasure.





Cephas Street

Phone Number
020 7790 3647

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