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Wimbledon Chase Primary School

Type: State
Age groups: Primary
Number of pupils: 744
Head teacher: Mrs S Tomes

Merton Hall Road
SW19 3QB

Phone Number
020 8542 1413

Selected Fundraising

All-weather sports courts

* PROJECT OUTLINE - Wimbledon Chase Primary School has now completed an expansion programme from 2FE to 3FE (additional 210 pupils) which includes a new building to accommodate additional classes.  Unfortunately, no provision was made to improve or expand the school's sports facilities.  The school does have extensive playing fields but no hard/all-weather surface for court sports such as netball, tennis etc.  It is essential that such provision should be available to all pupils attending the school for both curricular and extra-curricular sports.  As part of the project the school also intends to improve the current changing facilities which consists of a  40 year old wooden pavilion needing total refurbishment.  It is also the school's long-term plan that these facilities will be available for us by outside clubs and local residents, out of school hours.

CURRENT PROVISION - The only hard surface sports area at the school consists of two very old (over 20 years) tarmac courts.  These courts are totally overgrown where the surface has broken up and are now considered a health and safety hazard and 'not fit for purpose'.  Estimates were sought for refurbishment of the courts but they were considered beyond repair.

* IMPACT ON SPORTS PROVISION FOR PUPILS - Pupils at Wimbledon Chase do not have any all-weather sports area where games such as Tennis, Netball, 5-a-side Football etc. can be played.  Training for the Netball team currently has to take place in the school's gymnasium which is limited in size and a very different surface to that of a match court.  School sports teachers are also not able to run the additional extra-curricular clubs and after-school clubs that they would like to offer pupils.  The school has a long tradition of excellence in sports but is now limited in being able to take part in sports requiring a courts area.  Wimbledon Chase hosts many inter-school events on its large field area i.e. football, hockey, athletics etc. but is unable  to host court sports' competitions.  It is also essential that the school addresses the trend of childhood obesity and this project aims to assist this aim. 

* SUSTAINABILITY - The over-riding intention in developing our courts area is to enable us to extend the use of our facilities to parents and the wider community for the future.  The facilities will be managed by the school's Site Manager and his team. Outside clubs and agencies will be encouraged to make use of these additional school facilities and will be charged termly fees which will be kept to a minimum in order to make the best possible use of the site.  Income received from the hire of the sports facilities will help to increase the school's income and a portion of this will be reinvested for future maintenance and improvement to the courts. The Site Manager will carry out regular Health and Safety inspections of the area.


1. To improve the fitness levels of all pupils - tackling obesity and maintaining healthy children

2. Sporting Tradition - ensuring  continuation of the school's record and reputation for sporting achievements

3. Expanding Sporting Facilities - more classes and clubs made available to pupils and the wider community

4. First Class Facilities - our children will have access to all-round outstanding sporting facilities appropriate for the 21st century.

* FURTHER INFORMATION - Whilst pupils at Wimbledon Chase Primary School participate in sporting activities regularly each week, the school would like to offer a wider range of sports to the children and the local community.  Currently there are 11 school clubs and 9 after-school clubs offered; this number will be further increased with the new courts facility. The school is anxious to provide outstanding facilities for all its pupils and to parents and the local community that will improve the curriculum, well being and health impacts for all participants.

In conclusion, the ability to improve the health, fitness and well-being of our pupils is limited by this lack of provision and we will be grateful for all donations towards achieving this project.

Target: £20000
Raised: £135
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